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Our Story

    by Cathy Wilhelm


I met Darice and Gini 15 years ago through a shared philosophy course.  Gini was our teacher and we were the students.  Our desire was to learn more about how  to have a fulfilling and harmonious existence that began with us and hopefully spread out to everyone we knew and cared about as well as our communities and the world.

We turned to the idea of having a place where anyone could come and learn about this same intention.  It was a center for positive learning and hosted speakers from all of life’s dimensions.  We all learned a lot through that experience. 

With all good things, change is inevitable and our center disbanded slowly over time.  Nevertheless, our shared intention of providing a meaningful contribution to the world and its people did not diminish.

Our most interesting evenings have been in each other’s company where we dined on Chinese food and shared a bottle of wine as well as personal and meaningful insights on life as well as ourselves.

Darice wrote a book that was at the core of many of my own thoughts about living and was called, Feeling Good.  It struck me that everything in that book is what Darice lives every day.  She does everything that brings her freedom, joy, and beauty.  It is one thing to talk and write about a subject but another matter entirely to live it. 

When she mentioned one day that she eats chocolate every day; I perked up.  Having had an interest in nutrition and wellness all my adult life-it sounded very contradictory to the norm.  So, I investigated the subject of chocolate, went on to her website Choose Empowered Living, and made the chocolate myself.  Over time eating the chocolate helped me give up sugar entirely.  I was knowing inside myself that I did not feel as well as I could and good food choices have always worked well for me.  But, I did not want to do it the usual way of denial, fasting, or any struggle with it whatsoever. 

My long found knowledge of how to live a harmonious life did not agree with the typical dieting method.  So I gradually weaned myself off all sodas, cookies, cakes, candies, pies as well as cravings with the Empowered Chocolate.  My overall food intake is much less.  I have on occasion chips and salsa for a snack but this and all my other foods are organic, largely of vegetables, and wholesome.  Fruit is a jewel of a delight because its texture and natural sweetness have become more alive. 

People often are discouraged from this type of eating because they say it is too expensive or difficult to find.  My favorite foods are those leftover from someone’s garden as well as the discount shelf at the local grocery.  Organic simply put, means “close to the earth.”  Farmers markets are a delight as well.   

Since I do not partake of desserts, or other sweets at the market, there is more money in the budget for good food as well as, of course, chocolate.

The Empowered Chocolate came about as a result of our love of eating and making the chocolate and feeling so good doing it that we thought other people might benefit from it.

We put our heads, hearts, and talents together.  Darice with her software background, Gini with her creativity, and myself with some business training.  One by one our tasks and contacts came about easily and enjoyably to create the most beautiful experience of making a product that is wonderful in every way and made even more fun by sharing it with countless others.

Darice was right.  Feeling Good is the only reason to do anything.  Our wish is that the enjoyment of the chocolate has you feeling good and knowing you are doing wonderful things for yourself. 

With all our love and blessings, Cathy, Darice, and Gini