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Empowered Cups

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Chocolate Ingredients:  Raw, organic cacao powder, Raw, organic cacao butter, Organic vanilla, Raw organic Agave nectar   


Description:  Creamy, decadent dark chocolate with the following options:
  • Coconut Cups: Chocolate with Raw, Organic Coconut center
  • Chocolate Caramel Cups: Chewy nougat made with Raw, Organic Cashews
  • Almond Butter Cups: Chocolate with creamy Raw, Organic Almond Butter
  • Peppermint Cream Cups: Tastes like a Peppermint patty; contains Organic Peppermint oil
  • Orange Cream Cups: Contains Organic Orange oil
  • Variety Box: Try one of each!

Try our UN-Baked goods!  De-hydrated at 105 degrees gives them that "cooked" feel

  • RAW Chocolate Brownies: RAW Pecans and Almonds, with RAW Cacao and Agave
  • RAW Chocolate Coconut Macaroons: RAW Coconut Butter and Coconut,  with RAW Cacao and Agave


Weight:  3 Ounces - 6 cups
Price:  $9.95                                   Contact Us for a Wholesale Account
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